When little girls reach a certain age, we’re all taught a few basics – ‘Don’t fiddle around down there!’ and ‘make sure you wipe in the right direction!’ Clearly when you’re a child, these reminders are important to stop dirt getting into the wrong places and the spread of infection. As we get older, there are a few more tips for keeping your intimate areas healthy and happy.

Medical doctor, sexologist and Femagene sexual health expert, Dr Elna Rudolph offers a few handy hints:

  1. Your vagina produces discharge. It’s normal for a woman to have up to a tablespoon of discharge in a day. What isn’t normal is any itchiness in your vaginal area – this could be candida and should be treated.  If you think you have thrush, you can buy an anti-fungal treatment over the counter and if you do not respond to the treatment, you will have to see a doctor.
  2. Your vagina has a musky odour – this is normal. As women, we often try to mask any scent arising from our intimate areas. However, an unpleasant odour is not normal and should be referred to a doctor.
  3. Your vagina is self-cleaning. Don’t be tempted to douche. Douching is unnecessary and negatively affects the sensitive pH balance in the vagina.
  4. Your vagina is sensitive. Treat it with care. Opt for products that are gentle and designed specifically for women. A product like Femagene Intimate Hygiene soap helps to restore and maintain the correct pH in the
  5. Your vagina needs attention. You should have a speculum examination and pap smear at least every second year in your 20s, every three years in your 30s and beyond ,provided that everything has always been normal. If you have had abnormal cells on your pap smear, you will need at least an annual check-up.


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