All women want to feel confident. However, we are often unsure about how to properly take care of our intimate health. Femagene® wants to empower women with the knowledge and tools to look after their intimate area and to give them the confidence they deserve.

Here are some tips for looking after your intimate area:


Wear cotton underwear.

Nylon, Lycra and restrictive underwear can increase the heat and moisture in the vaginal area, creating the perfect conditions for harmful yeast to grow. Wear cotton underwear to maintain the correct temperature and moisture conditions, and be sure to change your underwear every day. Change out of wet underwear or swimwear immediately after exercising or swimming.

Use water-based lubricants.

Most lubricants contain fragrances and chemical substances that can irritate the vagina and disrupt the intimate area’s natural pH level.

Wipe from front to back.

This prevents potentially harmful yeast that normally inhabits the intestinal tract from transferring to your vaginal area.

Don’t use perfumed bath products.

These often contain chemical substances and fragrances that can irritate the vagina.

Ensure a healthy intake of probiotics.

Probiotics support the health of your good bacteria, which helps to fight infection, bad smells, irritation or abnormal discharge.

Use a pH-balanced feminine wash.

Your vaginal area is healthiest at a pH-level of between 3.8 to 4.5. Most scented soaps affect the pH, creating ideal conditions for harmful yeast and bacteria to grow.

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