Every woman wants to feel confident when it comes to their intimate hygiene. However, women are often left clueless and worry about whether what they are experiencing is normal but often never talk about it.

Young women are raised with two contradicting messages: “You have to be sure that you are absolutely clean ‘down there’”, but also that “You have to keep your ‘hands-off’ at all times”. Whether you’re going through puberty, menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, Femagene® believes it is every woman’s right to understand their intimate health and be empowered with the knowledge, and tools to take care of their intimate area.

Femagene® has therefore developed a range of specially designed products that support the balance, health and hygiene of a woman’s most intimate area. The Femagene® range consists of pH-balanced intimate washes, soothing gels, convenient wipes, a silky smooth, water-based lubricant and a soothing heat patch for those all too familiar menstrual cramps, all with the health of a woman’s intimate area kept in mind.

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