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    Femagene® is feminine hygiene range that recognises the many facets of being a woman. Women are fearfully and wonderfully made - and with Femagene® you can just be yourself.

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    Every woman wants to feel confident when it comes their health and personal hygiene. Discover our products.

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Discover Intimate Care and Confidence

Femagene® will take care of your feminine intimate hygiene so that you can be free, confident and feel in control at every stage of your life.

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Discover Soothing & Refreshing Feminine
Confidence with Femagene®

Femagene® has specially designed products for the most intimate part of your body. Our range consists of pH balanced soap variations, a soothing gel, convenient wipes, a silky smooth water-based lubricant and a pain relieving heat patch for those all too familiar menstrual cramps.

Expert Advice

Every woman wants to be confident when it comes to their personal hygiene. Read our expert advice on female hygiene and confidence.

Events with Femagene® and Key Opinion Leaders

If you are hosting an event with a group of women and want to address intimate confidence and health, we would love to be involved!

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