(No, not the fanny pack that goes around your waist, the other one.)

So, it’s the holidays and you’re lusting after the sun and lounging around the pool… Just, don’t forget to take care of your vagina’s needs while you’re living your best life.

You may know by now that your vagina is self-cleaning and doesn’t need any extra faffing around down there. But with the sun up and about, ocean dips, tanning, underwear getting wet and dry at sporadic intervals, those lazy days where you go without taking a shower for days or changing your underwear – These are all unthought-of ways your vagina’s pH level could change, or how bacteria and rashes could arrive and spread down there too. This is why we have ways you can take care of your vagina this summer and the summers hereafter too. Spoiler alert: it’s all about keeping the bacteria at bay!

  1. Protect your parts: If you’re planning to spend all your time at the beach. Don’t forget the SPF (AKA, sunscreen). Your pubic region and nipples probably rarely—if ever, see the sun. But it’s important to apply some sunscreen to these parts as you do the rest of your body. Just be sure to stay away from applying the sunscreen inside of your vagina – a little drop or two on the surface will suffice.
  2. Pack extra beach clothing: Lounging around in a damp bikini bottom produces the perfect warm, moist environment for yeast to thrive, putting you at risk for a yeast infection. So, remove your bathing suit after you’re done swimming – you may want to invest in a kaftan, some beach shorts or beach dresses for this one. Pro tip: Cotton undies or bathing suits are best for minimising yeast growth.
  3. Take frequent pee breaks: We know needing to pee when you’re having fun in the sun, on road trips with your girlfriends or flying to your vacation destination comes at the worst time. But, don’t convince yourself that your need to pee will disappear. Why? Prolonging your need to pee could lead to a UTI: Urinary Tract Infection – this is an infection in your body’s urinary system, which includes your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Tip: if you’re on a romantic rondevu with your partner, remember to pee before and after sex, this flushes the urethra of bacteria and helps prevent UTI’s too.
  4. Eat probiotic enriched foods: Daily probiotics for women’s genital health, yogurts or fermented foods contain ‘good bacteria’ to help keep vaginal bacteria and yeast in check. Try a smoothie or some Asian inspired foods if you’re not a fan of eating yogurt with only a spoon.
  5. Hydrate: If you get dehydrated, you might be increasing your chances of a urinary tract infection (UTI). That’s because staying properly hydrated helps your body flush bad bacteria out, including the kind that can lead to UTIs. So, add some water to those cooler boxes.
  6. Wash wellPlaying in the waves and surfing are fun. Going home to find sand trapped down there because of it? Not so much. For some ladies, sand everywhere can be one of the most annoying things on beach days. So, make sure to rinse the vulva really well with water at the end of the day. Just don’t wash with a washcloth (sand is abrasive enough). We suggest keeping our Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel  handy for this one.

    Remember ladies, have fun, put your feet up and live your best life this summer. Oh, don’t be shy to hit your friends up with this knowledge. Why? Because sisterhood of the travelling panties, of course.



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