You know that moment when you tell yourself you’re only going to have one block of chocolate, but you end up eating the entire slab… and you just so happen to be on your period? Well, you’re not alone friend, and we’re not judging!

Everyone’s bodies are different when it comes to that time of the month. Some of you may crave sweet things, others may crave savory snacks, and some may not crave anything at all. These cravings you may experience during, before or after your period are completely okay… But the million-rand question is, what is the connection between your cravings and your period?

Dieticians have discovered that when you menstruate, your Oestrogen and Progesterone levels (these are the names of the hormones in your body that decrease when it’s that time of the month) affect how stressed and tired you feel. In these moments, you may tend to seek comfort mainly from foods like your favourite chocolate, sweets, or some slap-chips. You may crave sugar and carbs the most during this time because these categories of foods have an addictive quality – which is why you may end up eating the entire slab of chocolate as opposed to only the one block you promised yourself to have! Makes total sense, right?! Sometimes when you chat to your girlfriends you believe that these foods make you feel better when your period approaches. Just think about how often you hear your friends or colleagues say, ‘I just need chocolate, it’s that time of the month.’

Which brings us to the next point… ‘you are what you eat.’ According to nutritionists, this is true! What do we mean? If you eat good food, you feel energized, But the same applies if you binge on sugar and carb-loaded foods – you may end up feeling bloated and slouchy. While you may want to indulge all your cravings, we think it’s still important to feel good about yourself, especially when you’re on your period and that begins by keeping warm with our Heat Patch and by snacking smartly, of course.

These are our 7 snacking alternatives for those times you’re trying to be healthier when your period approaches:

Remember ladies, being healthy affects your mind, body and soul. We know it’s not always easy to be healthy, but it’s important to try and choose healthier foods – It could be the difference between being a grouchier, slouchier version of yourself when your period and PMS approaches. Choose wisely, ladies!



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