For many of us, Valentine’s Day is an invented holiday and we don’t believe that it is necessary to show the one we love our appreciation only on this one day of the year.  But, no matter what your thoughts are about Valentine’s Day, it is the official day for romance.

Whether you’re spoiling that special person in your life, or sending your secret Valentine a message, spreading love the best way you know how, is what Valentine’s Day is all about. While you should be showering those you love with affection on a regular basis, making this one day special can enhance the spark in your relationship.

Our top tip?  Communicate what your idea of romance is to your partner and let them do the same. Then allow each other to make a list of each of your romantic ideas, and pick one or all of them to surprise your partner with on Valentine’s Day, and throughout the year.

These are our idea of making mundane everyday activities fit for Valentine’s Day by putting an extraordinary spin on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Dinner is great on Valentine’s Day, but going the extra mile is what makes it different from any other day. Instead of booking a table at a crowded restaurant, cook the meal together and have a little fun doing it.
  2. Once dinner is ready don’t sit at the table, rather plan a romantic picnic – either in the garden or on the living room floor surrounded by plush, throw pillows. Get comfy, and focus on complimenting each other.
  3. Making Valentine’s Day your own is part of the romance, and is a great way to get both of you in a loving mood. Femagene®’s lubricant is pH balanced, and smooth and silky to the touch and is the perfect addition for a romantic Valentine’s Day night.
  4. Create a playlist that appeals to both of you filled with songs that mean something to you as a couple. This will create a romantic mood, and give you something to talk about while you reminisce over the past.
  5. Perfect, romantic lighting is important. Get the candles out, or, if you can, dim the lights. No one feels like being romantic under a bright spotlight.
  6. Don’t forget dessert. This is the meal you can have fun with. Make something that you can hold and feed each other, like chocolate covered strawberries (yum!) – If it gets messy, make the mess part of the romance too.

Remember, knowing what you want and how you want to be loved makes communicating about your needs easier, which makes what you appreciate in the relationship clear. Your partner won’t know what you expect, unless you share it with them and vice-versa.



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