It is holiday time!  Packing bags and having fun in the sun is on our agenda.  Nevertheless, do not forget about your health and hygiene warns Femagene® brand custodian Carla Yssel.  “The health of our intimate areas is often the furthest thought from our minds during this time, but the last thing any woman wants is nasty discomfort and infections during this time.”

Yssel says that when the natural pH or the ecosystem of the vulvovaginal area is disrupted it can upset the healthy balance.  She provides the below tips for women to remember this holiday season and to help them maintain intimate confidence.

  • Stress can cause fluctuations in your pH balance, which can affect your intimate area, so remember to relax while travelling and coping with the holiday season.
  • Non-breathable clothing is a definite no-no, as it increases the vulva pH, temperature and humidity. Try to avoid tight clothing and change out of your wet costume regularly.
  • Use low pH soaps as these do not disrupt the pH and enzymes required to preserve the skin barrier and maintain a healthy environment for good bacteria. The Femagene® range has two different pH balanced soaps to help clean, and not disrupt the correct pH in the vaginal area – Femagene® Intimate Hygiene Soap – with cajuput oil and Femagene® Intimate Hygiene Soap for Sensitive Skin – fragrance and paraben free, pH balanced liquid soap which is super gentle.
  • Experiencing an active holiday can see you cleaning too often and disrupting the barrier repair mechanism of your intimate areas. So keep your Femagene® Intimate Refreshing Wipes, with Aloe and Chamomile extracts, handy.
  • Luxury bubble baths are all part of the holiday spoils. However, they often include fragrances and perfumes that can cause irritation to the intimate area.

The Femagene® range of soaps with lactic acid has been specifically designed for women and their needs.  “There are many things that can disturb the health and comfort of the female genitalia but by taking some easy precautions we can help to minimise any intimate area discomfort,” concludes Yssel.



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