Women all understand the pain associated with getting their periods every month, whether it’s mild or debilitating, we could all use a little help to see it through. Femagene®, the brand that is all about women and intimate care, is proud to introduce the new addition to their range – Femagene® Heat Patches.

The new Heat Patches have been designed solely with women and menstrual pain in mind (although using it to relieve other muscle aches is a bonus), and focuses purely on relieving lower back and pelvic pain during menstruation.*

“Period pain is something that women across the globe experience and we’re proud to offer our current and future consumers a product that can provide up to 8 hours of soothing heat therapy to help ease the pain,” says Carla Yssel, Femagene® brand manager.

The Femagene® Heat Patches can be purchased in a box which includes 5 individually wrapped patches to ensure that they are ready to use when necessary, as well as small enough to be placed and carried around in your handbag for ease-of-use. Simply open to activate and apply the patch to the area that needs attention, relax and let Femagene® take it from there. The patch is extremely thin, therefore wearing one under your clothes as you go about your daily business is definitely possible.  Yssel recommends that whenever using a new product the instructions should be followed as indicated on the packaging.

“The design of the heat patches is based specifically on women and ensuring that your period doesn’t interrupt your day. The size and thickness of the patch is just as important as making sure that the product helps to relieve pain,” says Yssel.

*For a diagnosis or if symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner. Efficacy of support may vary between users.

Femagene® Heat patches are available at leading retail outlets from R120.00 for a pack of five



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