It’s that time of the month again, and Aunt Flo has come to visit at the most inopportune time, whether it is going on holiday, enjoying a special night out, or even relaxing on the beach. Getting your period, with the cramps, bad skin and mood swings, is often seen as inconvenient and for many women painful.

“Getting your period shouldn’t be seen as a pause button to your social life, but as a way to celebrate being a woman, and embrace the natural way in which your body works,” says Carla Yssel, brand manager for Femagene®.

“There are many positive ways to look at having your period, and, yes, it does come with discomfort and bloating, but being a woman and everything that comes with it should be celebrated,” says Yssel.

Yssel provides 5 reasons to “celebrate” getting your period:

  1. Use your period as an excuse to take a break. Slow down for a day, and make a point of looking after and treating yourself well. Relax in a bath, read a book, and take stock of what is happening in your life at that moment.
  2. Hooray! Your PMS is on its way out the door. PMS starts a week before you get your period, and not while you are having your period. So all the mood swings and the bloating will soon be over.
  3. You are healthy. Getting your period is a good sign as it shows that your body is working the way it should. If your cycle changes drastically it could be a sign that there is something wrong and a trip to the gynaecologist may be in order.
  4. It is self-cleansing. The lining of your uterus takes a month to thicken, which is then shed and therefore bleeding occurs, i.e. your period – this is the one way it self-cleanses.
  5. Have a good cry. It’s an excuse to watch the Notebook and cry without having to explain yourself to anyone. This can be very therapeutic.

Getting your period should be a sign of health and not a taboo subject. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but who said being a woman was going to be easy? When you need to feel a little more confident and fresh while having your period, keep a pack of Femagene® Hygiene Wipes in your bag, and for any pain you may experience, keep a Femagene® Heat Patch on hand – the perfect period survival kit.



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